High Performance
Battery Packs

High quality, safe and lightweight.
Outstanding production processes, locally in Europe.

With next-generation battery cells, high-end Battery Management Systems and aerospace-grade materials, we create high performance packs for your need.

We believe the next era of electrification relies on battery innovation. By creating vastly improved battery packs, we enable unprecedented products and services.

How can we help you make the impossible a possibility using our battery packs?

The problem

Increasing Specific Energy Density

While Battery Prices have fallen over 10x in the last decade, battery energy per kilogram (specific energy density) has only marginally increased. 

Many applications are held back by this lack of innovation. 

Our technology

The world's fastest battery packs.

By increasing the energy per kilogram, our technology enables a whole range of new applications, such as long-range drones, autonomous robots, and real, useful passenger eflight.

We develop and manufacture record-breaking high energy density battery packs for a wide range of products and solutions. 

And, with our modular technology, we are able to provide high quality systems for a vast range of applications, whilst maintaining cost-effective, volume production.

The Titan team

Coming from years of experience building an award winning Hyperloop system as well as a real-world flying passenger drone, we cultivate an exciting and fun work environment.


Olivier Witteman


Holds experience in developing high-end battery packs and full powertrains for several applications, including passenger drones. He is experienced in leading teams and developing high-end systems with over 30 engineers.

Bernd Rietberg


Combines a physics background with a business mindset. He holds experience in entrepreneurship, having done consultancy at more than 10 startups over the last 7 years.

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